I'm Selene!


More of an accidental product designer, I'm mostly self-taught through Typography class and participating in design jams or a-thons. But this path has inadvertently combined my personal and intersectional passions in language, education, and visual design, with a hankering for EdTech.

Kind of like my B.A. in Linguistics and Asian Languages and Cultures with a Digital Humanities minor from UCLA. A mouthful, I know. But so is the program I intend to attend this 2024 Fall Semester, at NYU's Master's for Learning Technology and Experience Design to make more playful design.

When I'm not learning more about product design and design systems, I'm probably:

  • binging TV on Hulu (currently: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia)
  • playing video games like Lethal Company, Genshin Impact, or Sky
  • getting on waitlists from Product Hunt apps that bring me joy